Proctor School District uses an Individual Meal Accounting System where each student has their own individual account.

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Meal Accounts:
Proctor School District uses an Individual Meal Accounting System where each student has their own individual account. Meal accounts are debit accounts, therefore there must be money in their account in order for the student to use it. The money in the student account will follow the student to any school within the Proctor School District.

Payment Made Easy:
For you convenience payment can be made online to student meal accounts. Campus Online Payments are reliable and secure payment processing solution that allows you to set up payment for student school meal accounts 24/7 via the Campus Portal.
Log on to your student’s Infinite Campus parent portal to make an online payment. And if you do not have an account, please contact the Site Secretary to obtain log in information:

1. Alternatives to Campus Online Payments are check or cash which may be sent with the student. Please place in an envelope labeled School Nutrition with the student’s full name and amount of check. If amount is to be shared, put both students’ names and state how much is to be put in each account.

2. Deposits should be made weekly at the elementary level by the school secretary. Deposits can be made daily at the high school and middle school by the School Nutrition Coordinator. Deposits may be mailed, but please allow 5-7 days for processing by mail:
Proctor Schools Nutrition Services
131 Ninth Ave.
Proctor, MN 55810

Free Meals:
More completed Free Applications can mean more families qualify for the assistance their children need to do well in school. The school district receives reimbursement for school meals and other state or Federal money based on the number of students that qualify for free or reduced price meals.
These applications are accepted at any time during the year. Families may qualify for free meals if the total household income is within eligibility guidelines, or if a child receives MFIP or food stamps. The form is quick and easy and is available at all Proctor Public Schools or click the link below to download the application. Contact Liz McLaughlin at 628-4926 x 1043 with any questions about the school lunch program.

2015-2016 Minnesota Department of Education – Application for Educational Benefits – Free and Reduced

Lunch Prices
Secondary Students – $2.55     Extra Entrée – $1.25
Elementary Students – $2.40    Extra Entrée – $1.00
Adults – $3.50 Extra Entrée – $1.25
Milk – $0.50

Breakfast Prices
PHS/JMS – $1.50    Extra Entrée – $1.25
Pike Lake Elementary – $1.50    Extra Entrée – $1.00
Pike Lake kindergarten – free    Extra Entrée – $1.00
Bay View Elementary – Universal Free for students    Extra Entrée – $1.00
Adults – $2.00        Extra Entrée – $1.25

PHS/JMS Rails Main Line (alternate entree)

Domino’s Sausage Pizza- Monday
Super Nachos – Tuesday
Domino’s Hawaiian Pizza- Wednesday
Pasta Bowl – Thursday
Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza- Friday

Rails Express A la Carte Line offered daily at PHS/JMS

Our Purpose:

Proctor Public Schools Nutrition Program is dedicated to providing high quality, nutritious meals, because relationships and health precede learning. When students come through our meal programs we are providing the environment for them to make healthy choices to be fit, healthy and ready to succeed!

Healthy Students are Better Students:

Going to school without eating breakfast is like going to school without books, according to a new report. The recently released Wellness Impact Report shows that regular access to better nutrition (starting with breakfast) can positively impact a child’s academic success. Students who eat breakfast have better attention and memory. Unfortunately, only 38 percent of all teens say they eat breakfast every day of the week, Proctor schools “Grab n Go” breakfast program is available at all our schools.

On January 25, 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama announced new school meal nutrition standards in the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA) that go into effect starting on July 1, 2012. The Proctor Public Schools Nutrition Program’s focus is on menus which meet the HHFKA meal pattern requirements. The meal program offers larger servings of vegetables and fruit with every school lunch, including at least a weekly serving each of dark green, red/orange vegetables and legumes. All schools offer Veggie Bar options which may include: Fresh Romaine, Spinach, Spring Mix & Iceberg Lettuce, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumbers, Sweet Peas, Legumes, Onions, Green, Orange & Red Peppers, Yam Sticks or Tomatoes.

Students MUST take a 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable at breakfast and lunch in order for the meal to be reimbursable. Of course, we always want to encourage students to take a full meal for best nutrition. Please be aware that one set unit price will be charged regardless of whether or not all required items are chosen.

September and October celebrate Farm to School Month, featured Farm to School (F2S) veggies like green beans, kohlrabi sticks, green pepper strips, and diced tomatoes. F2S fruits and veggies will continue to be on the menu as they become available. The Proctor Public Schools Nutrition Program continues to implement healthy changes to the menu including whole grain pizza products and breads, baked not fried entree items, fat free or reduced calorie salad dressings, 100% juice products, skim or 1% milk, and emphasis on fresh fruits, salads and vegetables., is an initiative based on the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. “My Tray Today” is a Proctor school initiative designed to remind students to eat healthy and illustrates the five food groups using a familiar mealtime visual “a school lunch tray”. Look for “My Tray Today” healthy eating tips on menus.

How Meals are Planned:

The National Breakfast and Hot Lunch program are offered in all our schools. All student meals must meet the federal guidelines for types and amounts of food offered. Meals are planned with the goal of providing students with one-third for lunch and one-fourth for breakfast of their Recommended Daily Allowances for key nutrients and calories. At the high school and middle school, full meal choices are offered daily on the Main & Rails Express lines plus additional A’ la carte items are available for purchase.

Offer Versus Serve:

In an effort to lessen student food waste, we work under a government provision termed “offer versus serve” that allows students to decline some of the food offered. This means that students are offered all food items comprising a full lunch. This includes a meat/meat alternate (protein) a fruit, vegetable, a bread/bread alternative, and milk. They have the choice of a minimum of three food items that MUST include a 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable. This is called a “reimbursable meal.” The breakfast program also uses “offer versus serve” in which the student is offered all food items comprising a full breakfast. This includes bread/bread alternative with or without a meat/meat alternate (protein), a fruit, vegetable or 100% fruit or vegetable juice and milk. They have the choice of a minimum of three food items that MUST include a 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable to qualify as a reimbursable meal.


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