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The Lunch Cashier System software is designed for schools and businesses that need to manage meal accounting information.

The School Lunch Software by Wordware, Inc. is a complete, affordable, user-friendly meal accounting system for schools, including back-office and point-of-sale management software. We provide comprehensive solutions to both school administration and food service staff.

A single check pays for all meals, for all family members, for any length of time.

One student ID number – coordinate with other student record applications. Easy to track, easy to remember!

Record transactions – automatically required state and federal report information is at your fingertips.


Families may download or receive one statement detailing all family member purchases, and family account balances.

Family Based

Most student information systems focus on the individual students. Wordware focuses on the students as they truly are: part of a family.

Our software starts with the family unit, and ties all accounting for students into that family. There is no repeated data entry from one sibling to the next and you can view all of the information for a family’s students in the same reports.

Wordware’s School Lunch Software helps increase efficiency by linking relevant information together for you, saving your valuable time from being spent on repetitive data entry.
Online Payment FEEZEE School Benefits:

  • Eliminate the cost associated with manually handling cash and checks
  • Automate notifications to parents when a student’s lunch fund is low
  • Provide multiple payment options to parents
  • Allow parents to set up recurring payments
  • Generate on demand reports for inquiries and audits
  • No set up fees!

Parent Benefits:

  • Eliminate the worry of sending cash or checks to school with your student
  • Easy registration from any web browser
  • Flexible payment options (Credit card, debit card, checking account)
  • View account balances and payment history
  • Automatically receive low balance notifications
  • Ability to set up recurring payments to automatically replenish funds


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